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The Knabstrupper Network is an online breed community for Knabstrupper lovers, owners, and breeders. Our aim is to provide breed information, resources, promotion, and networking specifically for the North American (USA & Canada) area in an effort to advocate this wonderful and rare (and yet little known) spotted breed. As membership grows we will be working towards coordinating (registration inclusive) events such as group rides, clinics, & breed showcases in addition to our online presence.

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Knabstrupper Spotlight & Stallion Showcase!!!

Patriot av Drommarna

Patriot is a 2010 Knabstrupper mare (by Pegasus vom Niehaus hof), that scored the highest of all the U.S. KNN Graded Knabstruppers in 2015. She is also the 2nd highest KNN scoring Knabstrupper residing North America! She is bred by Baroque' N Dreams and owned by Keebler Hunt.

Own a Knabstrupper in the US/Canada that you would like to showcase? 

Has your Knabstrupper or Knabstrupper breeding program done something of merit (awards, achievements, record, progeny, etc.)? 


Contact us with the details and you may just see it in our next Knabstrupper Spotlight or Showcase!

Lindegaards Elliot

2013 Homozygous (Lp) Knabstrupper stallion owned by Tiara Equine in Ontario, Canada. Elliot

has earned his preliminary breeding license. He was awarded Best Stallion & Best In Show during the 2015 KNN Tour. He is  available for breeding this year (Canada & USA) to KNN approved mares.

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Knabstruppers in America

   Until 2002, there were no Knabstrupper horses in North America!!!! When frozen semen from the premier Knabstrupper stallion, Apollon, became available in North America, many other American breeders bred their mares to him, and on April 1, 2002, the first Knabstrupper foal “Macarn's American Beauty,” was born in North America and arrangements were made with the German Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar registery (RPSI) to inspect and register the North American bred Knabstruppers because this is a European breed that requires inspection for breeding and registration.


   Several Knabstrupper mares, stallions, and prospects have been imported and semen from other top quality Knabstrupper stallions has been made available to American breeders since then (Currently there are still only about 140 here in the United States and less than 2000 in the world!)  but the Danish Knabstrupper registry does not have an affiliate organization here, and the RPSI does not promote the Knabstrupper breed despite holding their own book. 


   The American Knabstrupper Association (AKA) was then formed in 2003 in order to promote and market the breed, which helped make the Knabstrupper breed recognized in the United States, and in 2005 the AKA became a full-fledged registry for membership and recognition by the United States Dressage Federation’s All Breeds Awards so members could have their horses compete for year end awards.

   In 2009, and in recognition of breeders efforts, the official mother registry for the breed, the Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN), decided to tour outside of Denmark to inspect, grade, and approve Knabstruppers presented to them for the first time in the United States for inclusion into the KNN books. The KNN then returned for a second USA tour in 2010 and as a result of the mother registry’s entry onto the Knabstrupper breeding scene in America, the AKA decided to step aside, ceasing operations on June 1, 2011.


   In 2012 the third KNN tour was held in the United states with kåring (danish for grading) sites in Virginia, Ohio, Texas, and California. And for the first time that same year, Knabstruppers where one of the included breed classes (KNN & RPSI Knabs) at Dressage at Devon (sponsored by Altamont Sport Horses). 

  Another Individual Breed Class for Knabstruppers (again sponsored by Altamont Sport Horses) was available at Dressage at Devon in 2013. And with the recent successs of previous tours, as well as the growing Knabstrupper numbers here in the United States, the KNN is to hold biennial (every other/odd year) tours to the USA.

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