Patriot av Drommarna- America's Highest Scoring KNN Mare in 2015!

Posted by Knabstrupper Network of North America on January 31, 2016 at 1:00 PM

(Photo credit: Merete Norring)

  Congratulations are in order for Patriot, her owner, & breeders! Patriot av Drommarna (Pegasus vom Niehaus-hof x Nadia), a 2010 American bred Knabstrupper mare from Baroque' N Dreams in Anza, California was awarded 1st Premium- with a very impressive Overall Score of 9, Best Mare, and Site Champion after being presented to the KNN judges for Mare Approval during last year's 2015 KNN Karing/Grading Tour at the California Host Site. Patriot was handled by owner, Keebler Hunt.

(Photo credit: Michelle Hunt)

Not only were Patriot's scores the highest of any North American, KNN-graded Knabstruppers in 2015, but to date (and to the best of The Knabstrupper Networks knowledge) her scores are the highest of any KNN graded Knabstrupper born in America!  And when The Knabstrupper Network asked Patriot's owner whether she was surprised by her mare's scores, this was Keebler's response,

"Yes, I was stunned. So surprised I cried- in happiness of course. I suspected she would do well, but never dreamed she would do that well."

(Photo credit: Michelle Hunt)

When asked about future plans, her owner has said that Patriot is just starting under saddle and is hoping to have her ready for her performance test by next inspection [2017], which would give her the RKNN status.  

"Eventually we will start showing together in local and regional Eventing shows, but I'm concentrating on bring her along at her [own] pace, adding in other activities to enrich her very intelligent mind."

She continued, "I'm incredibly thankful for being her human every single day. I have never had a horse of this caliber before, and I hope I can do her justice.  I am constantly impressed with her ability to remember things we have worked on months before, and her amazing temperament."

We asked Keebler if there was anything she wanted people to know about her impressive mare, and she had this to say,

"She is surprisingly good with my 9 year old, and allows her to do things that I would never dreamed another 5 year old doing, like allowing Aubrey to put her hoof into her lap while sitting on the ground to pick it.  Patriot is a true gem in the equine world- one of those 'one in a million' kinds of horses."

Patriot at age 2.5 and Audrey at age 6 (Photo courtesy of Keebler Hunt)

The Knabstrupper Network can't wait to see what awaits for Patriot av Drommarna and wish these to the best of luck!

Patriot has her own Facebook page-You can like it and follow her and her owner's progress!

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