Knabstruppers at Devon!!!

Posted by Knabstrupper Network of North America on September 27, 2012 at 2:00 PM

The following are words from DAD Knabstrupper IBC sponsor Altamont Sport Horses (Karri Henning) with an addition from Melyni Worth.

Thank you to all the Knabstrupper owners, breeders and enthusiasts who came out to support the first Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Individual Breed Class (IBC) for Knabstruppers at the very competitive Dressage at Devon (DAD).

The class was sponsored by Altamont Sport Horses and was open to both RPSI and KNN registered Knabstruppers. With 7 horses entered this was an excellent turnout for a first time IBC class especially considering the rarity of this special breed.

Congratulations to Nicole Davison, owner/breeder of 1st place Knabstrupper- 2012 filly Rapide, by Ravaldi and Effet de Neige (Snow Effect) 2010 gelding by Ecuador that took 2nd place.

Congratulations to Melyni Worth, the breeder/owner of the 3rd, 4th and 5th place horses as follows: CCS Boromir 2009 gelding by Ravaldi, CCS Shadowfax 2012 colt by Halifax Middelsom, and CCS Tinuvel 2007 mare by Ravaldi.

Congratulations to Nicole Davison's Perseid, 2011 colt by Pegasus who placed 6th and Angela Stanaways mare, Chocolat Cat Cracker by Apollon who placed 7th.

All the Knabstruppers present were of good sport type, well mannered and excellent ambassadors for the breed. Indeed, many DAD attendees had never heard of, or seen, a Knabstrupper until today.

We were happy to have a few extra Knabstrupper enthusiasts in attendance to support the effort and cheer them on- Carla McKnight (owner of Fanfare de Bec by Ambrosius af Asgard 'Atlantis'), Louise Jordan Beam, owner of Captain also by Atlantis and Martha Mitchell the owner of two 2012 Knabstrupper fillies Astrid af Midgard and Freyja af Midgard (both by Atlantis).

On another note, Melyni Worth's young Knabstrupper riding horses, CCS Tinuvel and CCS Boromir, ridden by April Schultz, represented the breed well in the open under saddle classes for young horses. I'll let her share those details herself.

"The Knabstrupper riding horses, CCS Tinuvel and CCS Boromir, ridden by April Schultz, represented the breed well in the open under saddle classes for young horses. CCS Boromir was 8th place in a big class of 3 yr old colts/geldings and an a very impressive 4th place in the 3 yr old Materiale class.

CCS Tinuvel was 4th in a big class of Broodmares under saddle and was 6th in a HUGE class of 4/5 yr old mares Materiale. There were some very impressive mares in this class including the eventual Show Chmapion, so she really did hold her own in open competition against the best or the best."

Thank you to all the owners, handlers and volunteers who presented these horses and worked hard behind the scenesto make the IBC class a success. We're already looking forward to the 2013 DAD Knabstrupper IBC and hope to see more young Knabstruppers competing in the open under saddle classes next year. Now is the time to set your goals and start working towards getting your Knabstrupper ready for the ring for 2013.

Have fun!

Click Here for the official Results of the IBC- Knabstrupper Class

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